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Seven years ago after leaving my job, I sat in my living room one day with a marker, a poster board, a pair of scissors, and a stack of magazines.  Although I wasn't sure of my next career pursuit, one thing was very clear, and that was to one day own my own business, helping people bring their dreams to fruition.   I looked through each magazine, in an effort to create a vision board, that would serve as a visual pathway to achieve my goal.  I started cutting out and pasting pictures of all of the individuals and organizations that I wanted to help, on the poster board.  Every day, I looked at that vision board, sometimes 3-4 times a day.   


Today, I am managing partner at HillChase LLC, helping some of the nation's biggest brands, start and sustain successful nonprofit and for-profit organizations.  The journey to success was not an easy one... However; I kept the focus on helping people and organizations achieve their goals.  

We start and sustain some of the nation's largest nonprofit organizations.  Our clients effortlessly enhance their impact, while also advancing in fundraising and increased capacity.  Our clients represent diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, children and youth development, education, public health, literacy, media & entertainment, technology, community development.   



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